Written by Frances Kindon, July 13, 2016

When Zayn Malik quit One Direction last year, we bought his line about wanting a ‘normal’ life hook, line and sinker.

But it turns out the joke’s on us, because that’s not what prompted Zayn’s leap from the boyband at all – it was something far more out of the world.

“An alien spoke to me in a dream…” he tells Glamour magazine of his decision-making process. Okaaay buddy.

That’s not the only nugget the 23-year-old has to share though, admitting his first celeb crush was on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – “They’re the same, right?”

And if you think his gorgeous girlfriend Gigi Hadid is the first person he’s calling when he wakes up, then think again. “[I call] my mum,” spills the singer.

Oh, and outer space.

For anyone cursing the aliens and still mourning the loss of 1D, here’s an epic Zayn/1D mashup to brighten your day…

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