Written by Melanie Burton, July 6, 2016

It may have only been posted seven hours ago, but THAT photo where Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are packing on the PDA – has gone viral for a very different reason!

Ryan Reynolds and wife Blake Lively are sat in between the loved-up couple and Tay’s bestie Britany Maack and her husband, and Ryan’s facial expression in the pic says it all.


Sitting with Blake on his knee, Ryan’s staring into the distance with the face which perfectly sums up what the Internet has been asking since we saw him and Blake in Taylor’s Fourth of July photos. Why the f were they there?


Twitter users wasted no time in commenting on Ryan’s hilarious facial expressions.

“Ryan Reynolds, looking like he’s dying inside, is all of us #hiddleswift,” one tweet said.


While another user wrote: “You guys, I think Ryan Reynolds is sending a signal… “HELP MEEEEE!” Someone needs to check on him.”


And there were more…

“Ryan’s expression is priceless. It’s the best celeb ‘wtf’ face I have seen. Looks like he wants to throw his wife down and run for the hills. I don’t blame him,” and “Ryan Reynolds looks like he’s thinking ‘what did I do wrong in my life to have to be in this photo,’”others wrote.

However, some fans just thought the whole scenario was set up!

“The fact Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are there makes me start to think this is a short film/music video,” one Twitter user wrote, while another said: “Kind of like Kanye’s entire existence, I’m hoping that this whole thing is some kind of art installation and we’re being trolled.”

Blake became part of Taylor’s squad after the two bonded in Australia late last year, where Blake was filming The Shallows and Tay was taking a break from the Aussie leg of her 1989 tour.

Doesn’t look loke Ry’s quite so happy about joining the squad though!

Taylor and Tom aren’t shy about packing on the PDA

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