Written by Melanie Burton, June 27, 2016

Richie Strahan may be 2016’s hunky Bachelor, but women on this year’s series of the show have been less than impressed with his, er, personal hygiene.

Yep, the ladies vying for his heart have reportedly threatened to walk out of the show after complaining about Richie’s lack of confidence, and his body odour!

“He has a bit of a body odour issue. It became a regular talking point among the girls. No-one knew if he was aware of it [his hygiene], or if it was down to his nerves. But it was noticeable and was certainly a mood killer as far as romance goes,” an insider tells New Idea magazine.


Poor Richie was also reportedly unable to be ‘himself’ with 18 ladies all wanting his attention!

“He really genuinely struggled with his feelings and opening up, because it was so hard to know who was in it for the right reasons, who really wanted to find love and who saw a real future with him,” the snitch reveals.

Earlier this year in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Richie explained that he’s just a ‘regular Aussie guy’ who’s looking for love.

“[I want] a girl who is going to be passionate, someone fiery who is going to challenge me. Someone who isn’t boring because I don’t think I’m boring so it is about someone who is going to be my equal and push my boundaries as much as I push hers,” he said.

But has he found her?

The finale for the show was filmed in Bali last month, and there were reports that Channel Ten had to call in the Indonesian army to keep paparazzi from finding out who the winner was!


The Bachelor trailer makes us super keen for the show to start!