Written by Melanie Burton, July 21, 2016

The second season of reality TV show Married at First Sight may have only ended two months ago, but the promo for the third season is already here!

Yep, Channel Nine have released the new explosive trailer which promises more drama than ever before! There’ll be more couples than there’s ever been, and a ‘world first’ wedding ‘like no other.’

In the clip, it shows one groom who is covered in tattoos, saying: “I think my biggest fear is what’s she going to think of me. Sort of, tattooed thug.”

Then a female voice also says: “I didn’t expect my husband to be covered in tatts.” Poor guy!

Sounds like there’ll be drama!

Watch the promo for Season 3 here…

The air date for the new season is yet to be confirmed!

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