Written by Melanie Burton, July 25, 2016

The Real Housewives of Sydney doesn’t hit our screens until next year, but there’s already a bitter feud brewing between the Sydney and Melbourne cast.

Yep, RHOM’s Gamble Breaux has lashed out at ‘stupid old cow’ Lisa Oldfield after the upcoming RHOS star slammed the Melbourne Housewives in an interview with Pedestrian TV last week.

Lisa said of the Melbournites: “They come from an also-ran city. The best thing about Melbourne is their upside down river, which is heavily polluted.”

“I mean, they look like a lot of fun, but they’d have to come up here because I certainly wouldn’t go down there.”

Meanwhile, another Sydney Housewife Athena Levendi also took a dig at the Melbourne cast.

“The Melbourne Housewives to me look like retired casino waitresses. They lack decorum,” she told the Daily Mail.

That didn’t sit well with Gamble of course, and she responded through Pedestrian’s Facebook comments section, by writing:

“Anne Winters wannabe can eat my p***y lips! Good luck riding off our ratings you stupid old cow. Blood sucking ticks like you wouldn’t survive in Melbourne.”

She finished the post with: “I have a better looking mop at home that I clean my floor with.” OUCH!

The Real Housewives of Sydney is set to premiere in 2017, and we expect it will be a total bitch-fest!

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