Written by NW Staff, August 21, 2016
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It’s safe to say the remaining Bachelorettes have firmly committed themselves to Richie Strahan. There’s 7 original girls left, and with the addition of three intruders, the competition is getting fierce!

With jealousy over too many private moments (ahem, Alex!), stolen kisses (poor Nikki was slammed for her pash and tell!) and some sizzling chemistry (hi, Olena!), it’s getting heated in the Bachie mansion.

But the girls tell NW they aren’t that bothered because they’re already planning their futures with Australia’s fave blonde babe.

We sat down with the hotties left standing for a chat about smooches, strategy and starting a family…


What do you think of Richie?

He’s very sexy and has a loving nature. And for him to be such a gentleman, that’s the sexiest thing about him. He’s very caring – it’s hard to find that in this day and age.

Have there been fireworks?

I definitely have a connection with him. It’s hard in this situation, with all the other girls here having one-on-one time with him. But when you get your time, you just have to make the most of it.

And have you done that?

Well, we haven’t shared a kiss yet, but I’ve heard from some of the other girls he’s a good kisser.

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Does that make you jealous, Richie kissing other girls?

I don’t feel intimidated by anyone. I am who I am and if he doesn’t like me, that’s totally fine – it just means we’re not meant to be together.

Do you feel you’re meant to be together?

We’ve talked about it. In the next few years I’m not looking to have kids and get married, because I still want to travel – hopefully with Richie.

But I’ve thought about [our kids] and they’d be very cute caramel-looking babies. Definitely something I want in the future!

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