Written by NW Staff, November 26, 2016
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She shot to stardom in the early noughties thanks to her lavish lifestyle, wild partying and that sex tape.

But with Paris Hilton’s It-girl crown long since stolen by her former assistant Kim Kardashian, the heiress has all but vanished from TV screens and red-carpet scenes.

With Kim currently on an extended break from public life, insiders say Paris, 35, is itching to take back the title of Tinseltown’s hottest trendsetter. And she’s not wasting a second!

In the last few weeks alone, she’s visited a Mexican hospital, headed Down Under for a DJ tour and scored a new party pal in Sofia Richie (yep, Nicole’s little sister!) – who she’s rumoured to be lining up for a new reality show.

Let’s take a look back at a timeline of Paris Hilton’s years in the spotlight…

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