Written by NW Staff, July 22, 2016
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Watch out Real Housewives of Melbourne, because you’re about to have some seriously sassy competition!

Yep, the Real Housewives of Sydney are coming to town in 2017 and we finally have the chance to see who the franchise’s ultra-luxe ladies of New South Wales are going to be.

So in anticipation for all the OTT arguments, crazy amounts of cash and unpredictable personalities, let’s find out who the housewives are going to be!

Melissa Tkautz

Photo: Facebook

You can call Melissa a triple threat. The actress, model and singer has had a career spanning over three decades, appearing on a bunch of TV shows, over 80 magazine covers and has even won an ARIA award. While the mum-of-two – who lives in a Frenchs Forest home with her husband – isn’t busy being an activist for a tonne of charities and juggling being a working mum, she loves catching up with the girls for a champagne.

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