Written by Melanie Burton, June 5, 2016
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Now that the nail-biting, chair-spinning shenanigans of the Blind Auditions are done, we can’t wait to see how the lucky chosen ones fair in the ferocious Battle Rounds!

With tears galore and a tornado of talent set to hit the ring, NW sat down with our faves from each team to find out where their heads are at and what motivates them…

Alfie Arcuri, 28 – TEAM DELTA

‘Music helped me to come out’

Alfie Arcuri

So, Alfie, what’s it been like working with Delta?

She’s amazing and puts in so much time with us. She FaceTimes me and gives me a lot of advice. She’s told me not to let anything get to me because she’s had to deal with a lot of stuff since she started on The Voice.

What’s your relationship status at the moment?

I’m single. I always get a lot of young girls messaging me and I’m like, “Sorry, I’m gay!” I’ve got a little emoticon on my Instagram of two guys holding hands – a little subtle reference!

Any romance for you backstage?

Lexi and I joke that we’re husband and wife. I think we’ve fooled a few people!

On your first audition, we learnt about your sister’s battle with cancer. How is she getting on?

She’s doing really well. The show has been the best distraction for all of us. I wouldn’t be singing if these things hadn’t happened to me. Even being gay – that’s where music actually started for me. As a kid, that’s the only thing I had that I felt like I could rely on. I only came out a couple of years ago.

What can we expect from you in the battle rounds?


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