Written by Melanie Burton, June 17, 2016
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Whether you want to admit it or not, we’re all Keeping Up With the Kardashians addicts deep down. C’mon – who hasn’t binge watched an entire season on the couch?!

And while you might deny, deny, deny, the fan figures themselves do the talking with a massive 2.5million tuning into the reality show royals every week. They’re obviously doing something right!

But even though we’re 10 seasons deep (and counting) it can be hard to, er, keep up – especially with the cryptic Kardashian language the sisters talk in at times.

But fear not Kardashian code illiterates, Kim Kardashian has come to the rescue, publishing a handy guide to the terms she and her sisters regularly use on her website – defining words from ‘bloop’ to ‘ratchet’.

Take a seat, it’s time for Kardashian klass!



Photo: E! , kimkardashianwest.com

Pronounced: bluep

According to Kim’s dictionary, ‘bloop’ is an essentially meaningless word aka a  “a space filler that can be used at any time, for any reason.”

Er, pretty vague on that one Kiki.

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