Written by Melanie Burton, July 18, 2016

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are currently in the Gold Coast while Tom films Thor:Ragnarok, and decided to kill some time by renting out a whole cinema to watch the new Ghostbusters movie – along with pals Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo of course!

Yep, fans spotted the loved-up couple on Thursday as they arrived at the cinema with 11 security guards, entering through the loading dock.

“Inside Gold Class [the premium theatre], they have waiters so there were strictly only two girls allowed in to serve. One served everyone else, and one girl served Taylor only,” a pal tells Us Weekly magazine.

Luckily for Chris, Tom loved the film, later telling Variety: “I loved it! I laughed a lot. I was in the sweet spot of the target audience for the first film all those years ago, so seeing one of my best friends a part of it is so amazing.”


Chris plays Kevin the secretary in the Ghostbusters reboot

Shortly after the screening, Tom was nominated for an Emmy in the miniseries The Night Manager, but he had no idea.

“I didn’t have any expectations, and suddenly my phone started blowing up a couple hours ago.

“This is the most wonderful surprise, and honestly the most thrilling thing about it is that it feels like an extraordinary and heart-warming affirmation for the whole team who made ‘The Night Manager,'” Tom later revealed.

“Making ‘The Night Manager’ was the most fulfilling team effort, and I’m so proud of everybody. I was dozing off because of a long day as Loki. I couldn’t stay awake, so I was drifting away to sleep.

“Earlier, Chris Hemsworth had just hosted a screening of the new ‘Ghostbusters’ film, so that was a couple of hours before the nominations were announced.

“I saw that with Chris and Mark Ruffalo and Taika Waititi, who is directing ‘Thor:Ragnarok’, then came home and brushed my teeth and went to bed – and then I was nominated for an Emmy. So that was how it went.”

Just your everyday Emmy nom then Tom?!

Tom and Taylor touch down in Australia

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