Written by Melanie Burton, September 6, 2016

Personal trainer Tegan was one to watch on Australian Survivor, having trained the likes of superstar David Beckham in London.

But, her athletic ability didn’t help her on last night’s episode, because she tapped out of the rope challenge after only a few minutes!

NW chats to Tegan about her surprising exit, how she felt about moving tribes, and what’s coming up next for her.

How are you feeling?

I was pretty disappointed. I did make a mistake there though, I should have written Nick’s name down in the first round, but I was holding on to a little bit of loyalty that I had left towards him and hoping that Kylie was going to go – but unfortunately she played that Idol and it’s not what happened.

Because Nick took you with him from Vavau to Saanapu, do you blame him for you going home?

I think he manipulated everybody at Saanapu, and tried his absolute hardest to make sure he wasn’t going home.

I was really happy to go to Saanapu because I wasn’t gelling well at all with Vavau, and if I had of stayed there I would have been on the bottom of that tribe anyway I think. I was happy to go to Saanapu, but unfortunately it didn’t last very long.

Why would you say you were voted out instead of him?

I think it literally came down to the strength that they wanted within the tribe.

Nick isn’t the beefiest of men but he’s still got a strength and a value that competes with the men on the other tribes.

Unfortunately, you want to win challenges when you’re out there, you want to eat and want to get comfort items and those sorts of things, so they had to keep him around for that reason.


Tegan was voted out after failing to hold the rope in the challenge for more than a few minutes.

How do you think he’s going to go now?

I think if he’s made it to the merge he might be able to survive a little bit longer now, but I think he’s going to be pretty lucky to do so, because Brooke is not a fan, Flick is not a fan. And I wouldn’t want to not have those girls not on my side.

Would you do anything differently?

I would be a little bit more outspoken. I certainly observed a lot of things that were going on, particularly at Vavau, and for some reason I didn’t voice those opinions and going back in time I would do that, and show that I was there a little bit more as a stronger player.

What were you were looking forward to when you got home?

You do look forward to having a shower and washing your hair and sleeping in a bed with pillows, and being dry.

Being dry was a really big thing, because we were never dry that whole time with that humidity. Just those little things, you think it’s going to be something huge but it’s just those little simple pleasures.

What’s next for you?

I’ve developed my own fitness program called the 7 day quickie, which is kind of based on sharing my celebrity tips from what I learned over in London, so I’m going to be launching that in the next couple of weeks, which should be really good.

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