Written by Melanie Burton, October 5, 2016

WA grandmother Sue stood her ground throughout her entire experience on Survivor, vowing not to bow to peer pressure just to be liked by the rest of the tribe.

But even though she stayed true to herself and played a solid game, sadly, Sue got the boot from last night’s ep. We chatted to her to get her thoughts on the whole island experience – and why she’d had enough of the “ordinary” and “annoying” girls by the end of it!

Did you know you were going home last night?

I 100% knew I was going, and I was ready to go home anyway. I still had a big crack at staying in the game though which nearly worked, but I was happy… I ticked all the boxes that I wanted with my whole experience there.

You and JL were trying to work the votes last night to keep yourselves in the game. Tell us about that…

I came back from an interview a little bit defeated and thinking, “Oh well, that’s it, there’s nothing we can do”. And then I thought to myself, “Well, Kristie said she was voting with us, because she’s a real flipper, and she knew that we were voting for Matt.”

So there would have been three votes for Matt, and I knew straight away that she would go back and tell them that we were voting for Matt, so that’s the two votes out of the way. And that they would split the votes between myself and Kristie as a buffer.

So I said to JL, “How about we put Kristie’s name down and with a bit of luck they might split it to the point where we might get that one extra vote over – and she goes.” And it nearly worked! I turned to Jenna and said, “I think it’s worked.”


Sue had her torch put out at last night’s tribal council…

You were quite close with JL… are you hoping she goes all the way to end?

Definitely, she’s my pick. She’s a real woman of substance. She doesn’t get led by peer pressure – she’s very much her own woman.

You mentioned that you didn’t want to set a bad example for your grandkids because they would be watching… are you glad you stuck by your morals?

Yeah, I am. I mean, I got to day 41, so it didn’t hurt me. I stood my ground all the time, I never conformed to anybody, just to be liked or to get further – I was just me.

Did you think the alliance between El, Brooke and Flick was a bit like high school?

Very. I think maybe if they look back on it now, they’ll probably regret it a lot. They are gorgeous girls, but they got a bit ordinary towards the end. To me, Brooke was the sneaky one, she is the one who would pull the pin out of the grenade and hand it to somebody else to throw. And I could see that a mile off.

They were just so involved in their ra-ra that they didn’t recognise it. It was frustrating for Jenna and I to see the game not being played the way it should be, and it was boring for us. We went in there to play a game and use our brain and try and get something happening, and it was just them laying around plucking each other’s eyebrows all the time. It was bloody annoying!

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