Written by Gabriella Del Grande, October 17, 2016

With the game being just as much about brain as it is brawn, you can totally understand why people thought Australian Survivor contestant Sam Webb had it in the bag.

But unfortunately for the charity co-founder, his ship sailed from the Samoan island last night after his below the belt move to have fellow contestant Brooke eliminated last landed his head on the chopping block.

NW caught up with Sam to chat everything from alliances gone wrong to his rumoured romance with former Bachelor Australia contestant Kiki Morris!

You got tangled up with two alliances at the end, what happened?!

Yeah I know, I don’t know what happened. We tried to give the viewers what they wanted and take a bit of a risk and it’s been hard to recover from that.

How hard was it for you when Brooke was sent packing, what was the reaction after she left?

My head was on a chopping block everyone wanted me dead. It was my entire fault and I was the one who started it. Everyone wanted to stick to the five-alliance until the very end and had we had done that we would have just been tearing everyone’s head off at the end and I said, well, we decided to make a move. We knew at some stage in the game we had to turn on one another and we just went a little earlier I guess.

While he wanted Brooke out, Sam says it’s Flick he didn’t trust. Photo: Channel Ten

A lot of people thought Brooke had you in the palm of her hand. Did you feel like she was pulling the strings with you?

No I didn’t at all. You only see a little bit on TV not everything. That last thing, to try and get El out, it was more me than anything and it backfired and I had a feeling it was me who was going, I didn’t trust Flick.

Flick was definitely playing the game. Did you have any indication that she was perhaps more calculating than Brooke? She seems to be the main power player.

I knew she was very strategic and she had a dark side to her. That’s fine I have a lot of respect for people who play the game like that. She made some reasonable moves but I think Brooke was the biggest threat for Flick, and she was so scared of her that she had to get rid of her and that’s what happened.

How did it feel to have Lee and Elle turn and start gunning for you? You guys were as thick as thieves. 

They wanted me gone. Especially with the move and it backfired and El was supposed to go home and she didn’t and Brooke went home instead. I knew I was on the chopping block; I was the next to go. I was going everything I could to save myself.

Do you think it’s possible to break those two – it seems  impossible?

Yeah, definitely, anything’s possible to break.

You played a completely different game to everyone else on the island; you played a very honest game.  Did you think you were making friends there rather than making alliances?

Yeah, definitely.  Me being social I naturally enjoy doing it. It’s been one hell of a ride. I don’t regret anything and I don’t take anything back. I wouldn’t change it.

Who do you think is out next?

At this point in the game anyone can go because they’re paranoid and don’t feel safe.

Do you hold any grudges with anyone or them with you? 

Not at all, I’m tight with everyone especially Lee. The game does funny things to your mind when you’re there with no food and no sleep. We all understand and respect the decisions that were made and we’re all non-judgemental outside the game. There’s no hard feeling with anyone, not even close.

Sam – who also knows Bach contestant Noni – was rumoured to be getting cosy with Kiki (left) Photo: Instagram

There’s been reports about you getting cosy with former Bachelor contestant, Kiki Morris…

Nah, that was a load of crap. I know Noni, friends of mine. Those girls rocked up at my party and all I said was hi, I literally said 3 words. Nothing there at all, not interested in her one bit.

Has anything transpired with you and the Survivor contestants since?

No, not  yet but anything can in this day and age! I’m an open man and an open book!









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