Written by Melanie Burton, September 12, 2016

He had more than a few slip-ups in Samoa, but trusting his bestie was the biggest mistake for model Rohan.

You spent so much time scheming to stay in, and in the end you still got the boot! How were you feeling when that unfolded?

I was in shock! About 10 minutes before tribal council, Phoebe came up to me and said “I’m going home tonight.”

So I got out the Idol and said, “Alright, we’ve got an opportunity here to turn the numbers.” I said to Phoebe” I’ll go dig it up, you talk to [Kat and Kristie]”, she came back and said it was on. But it wasn’t.

Do you regret giving Phoebe the idol?

No, I would make that same decision any of the day of the week. If someone needs my help, I’ll give it to them whenever I can.


Even though she threw you under the bus when you found the idol?

I could have just discreetly put it in my pocket [when I found it], but, I felt like I was in it with Phoebe; we were a unit of two, so “I thought I trust you. Let’s use it as something we can keep each other together with.”

It didn’t work out that way – she told everyone I had it. We were close and to see someone I really got along with do that to me, I felt a bit hurt.

But she wasn’t the only one working against you – there was Kat, too! How did it feel when you discovered she voted you out?

I knew she was going to do that – for the last 15 days at Aganoa she’d been trying to do that.

Everyone had been reporting back to me telling me what she’d been saying, and even despite that I was still trying to help her out. She wasn’t saying very nice things about me at all…

If you had followed the plan, though, there’s a chance you could have gotten rid of Sue!

Well, it didn’t actually matter who I voted for. If I had of voted Sue, there would have been a tie between been me and Sue.

If a re-vote happened, I would have gone 100 per cent, so it didn’t matter.

Are you surprised Kat has made it this far?

She’s had a lot of lucky breaks. First, someone to quit on a night that she was going home on tribal council, then we didn’t have to go to tribal council for the next two times, then we made a merge. So, yeah, she’s had a lot of lucky breaks.


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