Written by Melanie Burton, September 28, 2016

Considering he was the one the rest of tribe loved to hate, Australian Survivor contest Nick Iadanza did a pretty damn good job lasting as long as he did on the island – but sadly, he missed out on the top spot after being eliminated from the game last night.

The South Australian school teacher stopped to chat with NW about his time in Samoa – from his DGAF attitude to his new role on the Survivor jury – and he didn’t hold back!

You dodged the elimination bullet many times – did you feel it was your time?

I 100 per cent knew I was going home last night. I figured it out before we were leaving and sprung it on them that, ‘Hey, you can’t blindside me – I know exactly what is about to happen, and on my way out the door I’m going to drop a few bombs for you.’

You dropped bombs from the beginning – you didn’t win over many fans on the island!

I’m very devious. I do wish I had the chance to be more devious because then maybe the label of snake would have been more fitting. But it’s a label that I wear with pride; I love being the villain.

What was your game plan then?

Going in there was to survive, just make it through and not be a physical liability. And I cannot believe that was the thing that saved me. I was the guy who was picked last in gym class, I was picked after the kid who used to eat glue, I’m not a physical competitor. And I went out there and blitzed the challenges and was a real integral part of the team wins. I was the one that people called the all-rounder.


Nick warns us that the final tribal will be intense!

That’s quite impressive – especially when you’re up against people like Lee and Sam!

I remember Sam saying to me, ‘You’re the only all-rounder out here; someone who can do all challenges.’ At first I took it as a compliment, and then I was like oh crap that means he’s threatened by me, and it all unravelled from there. So I can’t believe that my game in many ways had to rely on my physical attributes, because I never would have expected that.

And now you’re in the jury. How does that feel?

I love it. If you’re not going to win, you want to be on the jury. I know that I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that the right person wins. I respect the game too much to let someone who doesn’t know anything about strategy win.

How are you going to manage that?

As the first member of the jury, I dubbed myself the king of the jury villa, so I get to set the tone. You’ll get to see as people join every two days, I get to add to my kingdom. Jury life is even better than tribe life.

Can we expect some more snake activity?

Get ready for the final tribal, because I’ve got a few choice words up my sleeve and I’m sure people need to strap themselves in because I’m coming for them…


Interview by Melanie Burton.

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