Written by Melanie Burton, October 4, 2016

Kylie had it tough in Samoa – and not just because she couldn’t drop her coconuts off at the pool and was vomiting every morning.

The firefighter road out her entire journey on her own, as the tribe turned on her from Day One. We chatted to Kylie about doing it solo in Survivor.

So the second you lost immunity, you were eliminated. That must have been tough to take!

I cannot tell you how extremely frustrating it was. I actually threw up in the bushes walking into the last challenge I did – the pole challenge.

I was extremely sick for 48 hours, and in the morning of the day I was eliminated, it was the first time I woke up and I wasn’t throwing up.

You copped it a lot during your time on the island, did you want to give anyone a serve on the way out?

It’s funny; I thought that in that moment I would be absolutely gutted and angry, but it was an overwhelming sense of disappointment mixed with this shade of excitement!

With the unknown opportunity that going on to the jury presents, it was a really bizarre and interesting feeling that I didn’t expect.


Why was everyone so against you?

From the get-go, I was told that I was too “intensely nice”. For some people it caught them off-guard. Maybe I challenged them in ways they did not expect.

Flick was the first one to bow out of last night’s challenge, and it seems like she doesn’t have to win any challenges to stick around… How does that make you feel when you were such a physical threat?

Anyone can play, anyone can win! You have just got to know your own strengths and limitations and then know how to work the environment and the circumstances for it to work in your favour. I think Flick did that really well.

Watching it now from the outside, have you noticed that you may have missed things that were right in front of you at the time?

Definitely! The intensity overwhelms you! It sometimes is exactly what we do at work [at the fire department].

You are caught in a moment and you are overwhelmed and troubleshooting isn’t working. You take three or four steps back, get the big picture and sometimes thing drop into place a bit more clearly.

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