Written by Melanie Burton, September 13, 2016

She’s the Kat with (almost) nine lives who was more famous for her feuds than her challenges, but despite the drama and attacks she endured, Kat regrets absolutely nothing of her time on Survivor – even smacking down on Rohan.

You’ve copped a lot of criticism for hanging back and treating the show like a holiday. How was that to endure?

It was a very accurate depiction of my character. I’m a strong, independent female who voices her opinion, and I knew that was going to get me in to trouble.

So you believed it was always going to work against you?

I think people often get far because they’re willing to just sit back and not let their opinions dictate things in the game. Being myself was my detriment at the end.

Did you feel it was the end for you?

I knew I was the one going home – I could sense what was happening. I think it was good that I was prepared, because if it had been a blindside, I wouldn’t have handled it as well as I did.

You outlasted Rohan though! What was the deal with you two, you seemed to hate each other!

We were just very different people. We’re both strong personalities, but unfortunately when you’re in an environment like that, every little thing is amplified, so things that wouldn’t necessarily annoy me on the outside were driving me insane in the game.

He came across to me as really chauvinistic, arrogant and egotistical.


Kat reveals she knew she was going home last night…

You really let lose about your feelings towards him, but his bestie Phoebe didn’t take it too well… Do you regret unleashing in that way?

No, I don’t regret it, but it was never my intention to make her feel terrible. Even though we didn’t have a great relationship in the game, I really valued Phoebe as an individual.

I was on the bottom for so long, and it was my first taste of not being on the bottom, so I think I probably let that take over a bit and I had my moment of glory and it was fleeting.

You did have just a moment of glory didn’t you? You must have been tired being part of an always-losing tribe!

I mean I was with Aganoa from day one, so I hadn’t known what winning was. I was loss after loss.

When I got to Vavau I thought I’ve got a second chance, I can’t wait to start winning some challenges, and then that obviously never happened.

It was really deflating, but it also taught me a lot of resilience and not to give up and keep fighting, and I managed to that for 23 days.

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