Written by Gabriella Del Grande, October 24, 2016

Woah! While we were all focusing on the relationship brewing between Lee and El, Sam and Brooke were strengthening on the sidelines – and that’s exactly why Flick decided to blindside her bestie. Flick tells NW she had no regrets about betraying Brooke – even if Brooke is STILL screening her calls. True story.

So Brooke was your bestie, do you have any regrets about blindsiding her?

I made the right move by getting rid of the biggest player. Had I have stayed with Brooke, she would have just taken Sam to the end – and I wouldn’t have beaten her even if I was in the final two. Oh, and supposedly she was wanting to get rid of me!

How did the tribe react after she was eliminated?

El Lee and Kristie were happy after. Matt was so depressed – I actually felt bad for him. I didn’t feel bad for Sam, though. Sam was always “I’m gonna make it to the end – I’m real.” But he wasn’t. I wasn’t that sad to see him upset.

“We’re civil,” Flick says of her friendship with Brooke post-show. Photo: Channel Ten

Don’t you think a smarter move would have been to separate Lee and El though?

I stand by by the decision I made, only because Brooke kept winning challenges and she would have taken Sam to the end. I don’t think people realise how close Sam and Brooke were strategically. They were a lot closer than Lee and El were – Lee and El are together now and they have a romantic connection. Brooke and Sam were stronger than people think they were.

How are things with Brooke now?

We’re civil. I’ve messaged her a couple of times every week and I might get one message back or maybe a short response. I thought I’d give her some time and then we had a couple of phone calls before her elimination episode and I thought she’d forgiven me, but her elimination episode set her back.

So the friendship is dead?

I think she was a bit hurt. I was so worried about our friendship and I was so upset and I wanted to mend it so badly. But I’ve gotten to the point now where it’s like the ball’s in her court. I’m not going to force someone to be friends with me if they don’t want to be. I love Brooke. I think she’s an amazing person and I want to be friends with her, but she may not want that.

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