Written by Melanie Burton, August 29, 2016

High school teacher Evan was a lovable character on Australian Survivor, and as he was out to prove that you don’t have to be the smartest or most athletic person to win. Aww!

Unfortunately, he was sent packing by his tribe last night, and NW caught up with him for a chat.

What would you say was the catalyst for you going, was it finding the clue?

I think there were two things that sort of led to my demise. I think El she’s very switched on but she couldn’t read me. And because she couldn’t read me, she didn’t know if I was being honest with her.

Her and I had a number of chats and we got along like a house on fire, but ultimately there was something that she didn’t trust. And so that was reason one, and because I did say to her that I wanted to work with her and Lee as a three.

And then of course, the Idol. I had to. I had to do something. I had to shake it up so people kept thinking, so it could have freaked other people out in the camp so that they got a bit looser with their game play. But ultimately they were pretty strong, and when people get scared it’s easier to stick with that four, not to think further down the track.

Were you surprised that El was conspiring? You brought her the clue and she still went back to Phoebe and Rohan.

Well I sort of said to El “Why don’t we wait until Lee gets back and we sit down as a three and decide what we do with this.”So when she did it straight away, naturally I was a bit frustrated at first, thinking “what are you doing? Surely you need to sit on this for a bit.”

But at the same time she had an alliance she was working with, and when you get threatened you want to strengthen that alliance by talking with them. And also to be honest, she was doing a bit of investigation herself. She goes “Did you guys find the Idol, let’s be honest.”

Now that could have gone one or two ways. If Phoebs and Ro said “No we didn’t,” then my game changes right there. Because she would have been like “Hang on you’re lying to me.” So that could have changed.


We wish that they lied!

Yeah, I mean you roll the dice. And I rolled the dice on things that I knew.

As much as people might watch me and go this guy doesn’t know stuff, I was very switched on. Like I knew where people fit.

So I was betting on the two most loyal people and their honesty and thinking people have gone directly against this. So I was playing with what I had.

I couldn’t really team up with Phoebs and Ro because they were a lot more strategic and they wouldn’t have appreciated it, but yeah – shoulda coulda woulda.

What about Ro dropping that clue though!

I’ve got to stick up for Ro, because he is a smart guy, and you can’t judge a book by its cover.

He’s quite resourceful, and yes dropping that clue was stupid, like that was a dumb thing to do, and it’s pretty funny when you look back at it. But I don’t think one moment can judge someone for the entire experience. Like me getting washed out to shore once, which they keep showing, doesn’t mean I didn’t know how to swim.

It’s pretty funny watching yourself moonwalk backwards into the ocean.

After the challenge, everyone hugged Kat after you guys didn’t get the puzzle together, but did anyone actually come up and console you?

Yeah they did, and naturally there’s so much to show. Leigh was straight over to me, and like you know “Head up, it’s not the end of the world, it’s okay,” and I believed that and I felt that was sincere.

Then when I was walking out, Phoebs put her hand around me and I was thinking “This isn’t as sincere, this is just for appearances.” Good on her, because she’s very very strategic.

It’s very tough to show everything; the main thing is that there was a lot of love for each other. Our tribe went through a lot early, like more than the other tribes, we went through a lot of hardship. And you know I’d stay up late at night so others can sleep, I’d give them my last bit of food before challenges, because I could cope with it.

You build relationships with people and at the end of the day you’ve got to understand we’re all out for the same thing. You’ve got to respect each other for that.

It’s interesting to hear that there was so much love between you guys as well, because from what we’re seeing it looks like your tribe was imploding.

Well to be honest, we were. Our tribe was absolutely imploding, we were horrible at challenges because people kept yelling at each other.

I took a back seat because I didn’t want to be the person who was bossing people around.

But you’ve got to spend nights with each other; you’ve got to get through when it’s raining on you. You know, like as much as its cutthroat, everyone still has that compassion for each other.


Did you want to do the puzzle or were you nominated as well?

When we decided because we’d been so hopeless at challenges that Leigh was going to choose, he chose me. And I was like “I have been picked to do something for my tribe, I will do it. I will do anything.”

So as much as we’re all out for ourselves, I was one of the biggest team players out there. For my tribe I would do absolutely anything to win, so I get it. And to be honest, it was bloody tough.

When I saw that it was the running up and grabbing things I was like “Beautiful I can do this, I’ve got a lot of speed on me I can climb well” and if I’m asked by the group to do the puzzle, I’ll do the puzzle. That’s what you’ve got to do.

In my situation I didn’t want to rock the boat more than I had to, I didn’t want to be the guy that goes “I’m not doing the puzzle.”

How much further do you reckon Kat’s going to go?

I reckon Kat could go very far. From my knowledge of watching Survivor, the longer people stay around when they should go, you’ll find that they just hang around, and they keep finding a way.

And to be honest, where is Kat going to go when they merge or when there’s a new tribe? Is she going to stay loyal to these four that don’t want a bar of her?

No she’s not and so she’s going to become very valuable, and I imagine so would Christy. Because they’re sort of just floaters.

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