Written by Melanie Burton, August 22, 2016

Des Quilty is an ex-Army sergeant and a true-blue Aussie bloke who cracks some seriously killer dad jokes.

The outspoken courier driver’s game plan on Australian Survivor was to observe and befriend his fellow tribe mates and then ultimately become the puppet master – but that didn’t quite go to plan.

Poor old Des got the boot from last night’s premiere episode of Survivor, and NW spoke with him about his strategy on the show, his tipped winner and why he really told everyone to sleep on the sand – even though he knew the tide was coming in. LOL!

Did you watch yourself last night? What did you think?

I was surprised! I can’t believe I was so good looking on television. [Laughs]

Was it part of your strategy to kind of sit back and let everyone fail, and then come in at the last minute? You were a lot more helpful than you let on at the beginning.

Yeah I’ve watched plenty of the American versions of the show. Generally what happens over there, if someone sticks their hand up and is like “Look I should be the leader because I’m the most experienced and knowledgeable,” they normally get their heads chopped off pretty quickly.

So I was sort of conscious of that American experience and thought well it’s going to be the same here.

On reflection, perhaps I probably should have stepped up to the plate a bit more in the first couple of days but when it was needed I did step up to the plate, but obviously didn’t do it enough.

And, it was a bit hard to come back from that all-women’s alliance that formed pretty much as soon as we got to the beach.

Des in action on the first ep

You encouraged everyone to come down and sleep on the sand, but then the tide came in.

Someone has suggested that you knew the tide was coming in, and it was actually a plot to bring them down…

Yeah I actually did know it was high tide and a full moon that night because I’m sort of aware of that stuff. So I knew the tide was going to come up about a metre, but there was some big storm swell off the back of Samoa that weekend so the tide rose about a metre higher than it should have.

I’d love to have been strategic enough to get the tribe down there and drown them like rats and make them feel miserable and then chuck them off the island, but I’ll tell you straight up it wasn’t a pre-thought plan, but I think it’s a good one.

The red team is looking pretty miserable. Do you think there are any contenders in?

I’ve watched the American shows and one of the things I know about the American shows is that the tribe that goes to Tribal Council first produces the winner. So I’ve got some hopes that there’s some people in the red tribe who go a long way.

Do you have any favourites that you’re tipping?

The person I think has got the most opportunity to go the longest I think will be El, the army corporal.

She’s tough as nails, built like a stick and I think she’ll whack a few people with that stick on her way through the game. But yeah I think she’ll do really well.

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