Written by Melanie Burton, September 19, 2016

Craig had wanted to be on Survivor for years, and his dreams finally came true after landing a spot on this season.

A senior recruitment officer for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Craig had the physical power, and was super engaging with his tribe – which made him the one to watch.

Unfortunately, Craig got the boot last night after a shocking turn of events at tribal council, in which most-voted Phoebe used a hidden immunity idol – sending Craig packing!

So last night was a total shock! Did you have ANY idea that you could have been the one going?

No – not at all. I did think that I probably would have been a good choice, but at the same time more of my thought process was along the lines of that I was one of the more physically fit people for this tribe in the challenges, so if they do get rid of me it is going to be even more of a downward spiral.

Why do you think the two Aganoa girls chose to vote for you if they need the manpower?           

I had a huge bond with Kate, Sue and Conner, and they listened to what I had to say. So I think the Aganoan girls’ tactic was that if you remove me from the situation, the other three will break, which is the perfect opportunity for them to walk in there and take control.

You were searching for the Idol for days, and Phoebe ended up finding it! How annoying was that?! 

It still doesn’t compute with me that I couldn’t find that stupid thing and it sort of haunts me a little bit that she just walked out there and snatched it from underneath me without a clue or anything! I’m just like that’s what you get for going out there and having a boy look…


In a shocking turn of events, Craig was the one to leave Survivor last night! 

Was there any romances brewing between anyone on the island?

Me and Jonathan Lapaglia, I mean if you didn’t notice from the get-go, we had major sparks, and I had to actually block him from calling my mobile, because he was getting  a little too intense. [Laughs]

And then there’s people like Rohan and Phoebe who were a power couple, and that’s why we took them out.

I don’t know about romantic though, you wouldn’t even think about romance out there, standing within a radius of someone with that sort of breath!

How frustrating was it to just keep losing the challenges?

It was crazy. Last night we got back from losing the 7th one in a row, and I was shattered. I think I actually went off a little bit and had to vent. I was walking around throwing things and wanting to smash sticks and just get that aggravation out. I hate losing, and it puts you in a downwards spiral.

Do you think they’ll struggle even more now?

Definitely, I think they’ve got a major uphill battle for them.

Who do you think is going to win?

I want Jennah-Louise to win, but I think Phoebe could win. Everyone better watch out for Phoebe, because she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with. Put her in the mix with the Saanapu people, and I think she could really do some damage.

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