Written by NW Staff, September 26, 2016

He was the quiet and seemingly innocent law student from ACT, but Australian Survivor contestant Conner Bethune quickly went from friend to foe on the grueling series that eventually saw him eliminated last night.

And while Conner admits he does have his regrets – including spending $500 on cake, chocolate and soft drink instead of an advantage at last night’s auction – he wouldn’t trade his experience for the world.

What’s it like to be back home?

It’s amazing. It’s quite surreal coming home, there’s definitely a gap between island life and everyday society but no it’s great.

Did you have any problems settling back into the ‘real world’?

Since everyone’s come home, they’ve really suffered physically and mentally and it’s taken a little while to adjust to society again. For me it took about two weeks. When I got knocked out, someone would give me a compliment and I would be thinking in the back of my mind, ‘Are they lying to me? Why are they saying this?’ It’s so ridiculous but the game really messes with your mind. It takes a toll on you.

How was it to finally have a proper meal?

My first meal, oh my god! Well the first meal I had out was – they gave me this beef with this really nice kind of caesar salad on the side and ironically rice! I literally threw away the knife and fork because I’m not used to that anymore and I just delved in with my hands. It was amazing.

The tribe has spoken! Photo: Ten

Speaking of food, last night you chose cake, chips and soft drink over an advantage in the Survivor auction. Was the sugar high worth it?

In hindsight it was absolutely a huge mistake, but in the moment I’d never felt such hunger, I was starving! And I saw that cake and my stomach said to my head, ‘You’re getting that right?’ And my head was like ‘You bet your ass I am!’ and the money just came out my mouth.

So how frustrating was it having to watch your back and fight for you place on the show every week?

It was really hard at first because I was desperate not to go home so early, but after a couple of shots at my life I became more willing to take more risks. I guess it was good in one sense but yeah it was really difficult being public enemy number one.

Do you regret the way you played the game? Turning on your alliance with Flick really seemed to backfire on you.

I did turn on Flick because I was pretty sure she was pitting me and Matt against each other and she was going to vote one of us off and I thought if I don’t at least try something, if I just go home quietly I’ll regret it forever.

There are probably heaps of things I would have done differently, but Survivor is a game that you can’t predict how you’re going to act until you’re there. It’s so much more complicated that what you see on TV!

Who do you think’s owning the game right now?

I think the person that’s in control of the game won’t necessarily win it and I think from what I saw, Brooke is very much in control at the moment. She seems to have made a lot of social connections, I think she’s in top spot but I think she might be peaking too early.


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