Written by Melanie Burton, October 10, 2016

Brooke’s elimination tonight just proves that no one is safe in the game of Survivor. The girl who was controlling the game for so long with her all-girls alliance was betrayed by one of her own, and in turn, was sent packing.

NW chats to Brooke about that total blindside elimination, and what she thinks of being labelled the “mean girl alliance” by former tribe members Jennah-Louise, Sue and Kate.

So let’s talk about that total blindside! What happened to your alliance?

I was completely blindsided! I did not have a clue in the world that that was going to happen to me; it didn’t cross my mind at all.

So Flick was on your side when you were working to get rid of Lee – so did she just go behind your back?

I’m not too sure if it’s the fact that we changed from Lee to El that made Flick flip on us, or if she was always planning to do that, but I did not think she would do that at all.

How did you feel after?

I was in complete shock for a very long time. It took me a long time to realise and sit down and be like “What just happened?”  I can’t even remember exiting the show; it’s all a blur to me.

Were you angry though? Because you obviously trusted her so much…

It’s hard to say, because I know that it’s a game. And I blindsided people and did the same thing, but it was just the fact that it was from Flick – someone I saved in day 12 and I helped her out so much, so I never thought I’d be betrayed like that.


Brooke knew how to control the others in the tribe…

You three literally controlled the game for such a long time! How did that happen?

I have no idea how that happened, honestly. I went into this game just being like I don’t know what strategy I’m going to use, I’m just going to try and be myself and see how it goes, and the way it panned out to made us be really strategic and in control and powerful.

You guys have been copping a lot since you’ve come out. We’ve heard you’ve even received death threats?

Yeah it’s been bad; people are messaging me telling me I need to be kicked in the head. There are other horrible messages – people are just getting so absorbed by the show that their forgetting that the point of Survivor is to strategise and be a little bit sneaky.

JL, Kate and Sue have come out and created this “mean girls” name for you. JL even said she felt like she was really on the outer of the tribe. So was there a clear divide?

Yeah there was, but in saying that it works both ways. They had an alliance that we weren’t in so we felt excluded from that, so if you look at it from everyone’s perspective, it’s just who people stick with. And if you’re not in that group maybe you feel out of it and she’s just unlucky that all the other people she was with diminished.

So yeah, it’s just really unfortunate for JL, but I don’t think we did anything to go out of our way to make her feel uncomfortable; we definitely weren’t like that at all. We were actually really sociable people who wanted to enjoy ourselves.

How hard was it to separate Lee and El? Were you trying to break them up? Because it kind of seemed like they had their own mini alliance…

I guess so, and I think that’s what was so hard with Flick was that I was so close with Sam, and El was close with Lee so it left her a bit paranoid I guess. But Lee and El – they were so tight, I think at one point we were talking to El about having to get Lee out at one point, and she was like “Don’t tell me about it”, so yeah they’re very close.

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