Written by Melanie Burton, September 5, 2016

Survivor contestant Barry is a laidback Aussie larrikin with one hell of a big personality. He was completely dedicated to his tribe Vavau, but unfortunately got the boot last night after failing to start a fire in the Breakout Immunity Challenge.

NW chatted to Barry about his devotion to his tribe, and what he felt when he didn’t finish the challenge on last night’s ep.

You’re probably the most honourable player in Survivor ever! Was it hard to maintain with all the conspiring going on?

No not at all, it was quite easy actually. I didn’t want to get caught up in it and the other team members respected that so they didn’t include me in any of those talks, which I thanked them for.

That was just how I wanted to approach it. I didn’t want to persuade anyone else to vote how I was going to vote, I just wanted it to be my decision and I was going to let the people know how I was feeling before tribal council.

Did anybody ever try and convince you to change your game play?

No they knew it would have been like talking to a brick wall.

Did you know you were going to get the boot last night?

Yeah well I basically fell on the sword for the benefit of the team, so it was something that I wasn’t feeling comfortable with [voting for someone who deserved to be there].


Barry was disappointed himself after losing the challenge

Do you really think you deserved to go though just because you couldn’t complete the challenge? It’s a team effort after all…

Everyone sort of said “It wasn’t just you,” but I’m the hardest critic on myself and my own performance, so you don’t let your mates down by letting yourself down. And that’s what I sort of did.

Vavau seemed pretty chuffed to lose Nick. What was the vibe like after that tribal council?

They were building the alliances, and Nick and Tegan weren’t adapting to Vavau way of life. They were too conniving and I was oblivious to all of that, so when it came out on the show it was great. It was like watching Days of our Lives. I just wanted some popcorn or something.

Sam would have been a great asset to Vavau, but what about Connor?

Both of them are very strong in the challenges, and that’s why we were really happy to have them come on to our team.

Connor was an open book, he just came in and pleaded his case – he basically said look this is who I am.

He was upfront and honest and you’ve got to respect someone so young having those qualities. And I just thought what a great young kid and he was really good for the team.

It would have been hard for him to come in to the group later on…

Absolutely, because there are already bonds made between the group.

But in saying that, we welcomed them with a clean slate, they came in there was no preconceived conception of how they were going to be as people.

And as a tribe we said we would accept them for who they are and what they’re going to bring to the team, and give them a fair chance to fit in or not.


Barry got the boot from his tribe last night

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