Written by Melanie Burton, September 14, 2016

Andrew had his game plan for Survivor sorted from day one. He wanted to get into the minds of his opponents, and he was willing to lie, cheat and steal to get him all the way to the end.

Unfortunately that didn’t work out for the Marketing Executive, because his tribe finally figured out what he was trying to do, and voted him out in last night’s ep.

NW chats to Andrew about what his strategy was on the show, and what he’d do differently if he had the chance again.

Did have any clue you were on your way out last night?

No, I was definitely blindsided – I thought I had it all under wraps! I thought there was no way they were going to vote for me, so to be taken out in a blindsided and glorious fashion, there’s no better way to go.

You were quite strategic. Do you think that worked against you?

Not at all – I think that’s the way Survivor should be played. I think it worked well for me, but perhaps not well enough, because my tribe eventually figured me out. But I didn’t regret going in there and be willing to lie, cheat and steal.

Would you do anything differently?

If I was called again for a Heroes vs Villains season, I would definitely get a lot fitter physically. I think that’s something that really let me down out there, and was eventually a snowball which led to my demise.

You rubbed some tribe members up the wrong way towards the end. Why do you think that is?

I think it’s easy to hate on someone who is not doing so well physically in the challenges. Out there, any small excuse can snowball into a big one to get rid of somebody, so it’s very much like a snowball effect, and people slowly pile on to the person who is the weakest link.


Vavau didn’t have much luck in challenges. Why do you think you guys kept losing out there?!

You look at the other tribe Saanapu, and they’re basically a tribe of Greek gods. There’s Lee and Sam who are absolutely chiselled beautiful physiques, and then you’ve got people like me and Craig who aren’t maybe as fit.

Unfortunately we just couldn’t compete on a physical level against those guys, but I’m praying that Vavau can turn it around.

What do you think was the hardest thing about being on Survivor?

That you don’t have someone you can trust 100% out there. Back at home, if you have a bad day at the office you can tell your partner and whinge about the people at work. Out there you’ve got no one you can trust 100% with those things, so paranoia runs rife.

Who do you think is next to go?

I think Sue has to watch out. If they’re going along physical strength wise, Sue would be next in line. She’s obviously  a very strong woman, but having the older lady sort of role can easily be picked off as a weak link physically.

Who do you think will win?

I think that people have to watch Craig. Craig is someone who’s very physical, very strategic and is also extremely social.

I think he’s someone who’s playing a brilliant game, and they better watch out because if they don’t take Craig out, he will take that thing all the way to the end for sure.

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