Written by Melanie Burton, July 30, 2016

Women around the world have long craved Kim Kardashian’s killer kurves – but now blokes are getting in on it, too!

Yep, meet James Holt, 22, from Bury in the UK, who’s dropped a whopping $37,400 to become a Kimmy klone. And $17,500 of that was just to get his trout pout!

“I’ve always loved that fake look,” James tells the UK’s Reveal magazine, adding that while he’s always crushed hard on the bootylicious reality star, he also finds inspo in her sisters Khloe, 32, and Kylie Jenner, 18.

“Since Kylie started getting her big lips a year ago, it’s become really fashionable. And mine are bigger than hers now,” he boasts.

Indeed, James first got his lips done, as well as Botox, when he was just 17, and “adored” the results so much that he’s gone back every two months to get a refill, sometimes more.

“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve plumped up my lips,” he spills.

We bet! But he’ll never forget his first time…


Going to the local beautician, James paid $440 to have one millilitre of filler injected into his lips and Botox injected into his forehead.

After his classmates failed to notice his new set of smackers, he went back to the salon twice more to make them bigger. By the end of the week he’d injected 6ml, which finally grabbed their attention!

“Everyone said it looked amazing,” he remembers. “It was big and juicy and just what I wanted.”

The effect didn’t last though, and a few days later bubbles formed on his top lip in a “W” shape, forcing him to rush to another clinic to fix the botched procedure. Not that it put him off!

Thanks to several sugar daddies who fund his plastic-fantastic habit, James has had filler on his jawline six times to get the kind of angles Kim, 35, would be proud of, and keeps his brow smooth with regular $370 injections.

And he wants more – like his “whole body done”!

“They all have that incredible big butt,” James says.

Heading to Poland next month to spend $7000 tweaking his “crooked” beak, James is planning a chin implant, eyebrow lift and fat transfer, which he’ll inject into his rump. Then he wants all of his toes straightened and six ribs removed.

Yep, having failed to shrink his middle the Kim K way with a corset and waist trainer – he gave up because the contraption made it hard to eat a full meal! – James reckons his ribcage makes him “look bigger” than he is, and is happy to lose a few ribs to get Kimmy’s hour-glass shape.

“I’m going to do a head-to-toe overhaul,” he boasts. “I want to be really fake-looking.”

You don’t say…

James recreates Kim’s 2014 Paper mag cover pose

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