Written by Sarah Iasiello, November 3, 2016

Another missing teen?

That’s what fans of the cult series, Stranger Things have been asking since the show began streaming on Netflix earlier this year.

Fans of the show will recall Barb being snatched by a monster and being dragged into the Upside Down. Despite her best attempts to escape the creature, Barb eventually met a disturbing end.

She became a surprise hit on the show with many asking why there was no justice for Barb. Eager fans also started a #JusticeForBarb campaign on social media.

Barb became a unlikely hit on the popular tv show

Fan love for Barb after Stranger Things premiered quickly took on a life of its own, forcing the Duffer Brothers to consider how the character was treated on the show. Creators of the show say she was never intended to be a major character but that justice would be served in the show’s second series.

They also confirmed that Barb was 100 percent dead. (Even though we guessed as much.)

A news report has now been released about Barb’s disappearance after the #JusticeForBarb campaign goes viral. Check it out!



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