Written by Melanie Burton, June 22, 2016

YASS – the latest range of emojis have arrived, and they’re AMAZING!

Unicode Consortium, the name of the fancy place whose job it is to set the standard of characters across our devices – have released 72 new emojis today! YAY! But don’t get too excited, because it might take a little longer for manufacturers to add them to our handsets.

One of the reasons behind the new update was to create gender pair emojis to fill gaps, including the dancing woman being given a partner, the bride emoji paired with a groom, and Mrs Clause will accompany the Santa emoji.

New hand gesture emojis will also be added, including the fingers crossed emoji, a ‘call me’ signal, shaking hands, and fist bumps. YES!


There’ll also be a pregnant woman, a facepalm and three more ‘sick’ looking faces – perfect to call in sick with, or when you’re telling your friend how bad your hangover is.

Much-loved foods that were once missed will also be included, like bacon, avocado, paella and a taco. They sure know what we like!

New drinks include water – finally! – champagne, and whiskey on the rocks. Necessary…

And for all those animal lovers – an octopus, a rhino, an owl, a gorilla and a duck have been added.


Just so you know, the process of adding a new emoji isn’t that easy. First they have to be approved by the Unicode Consortium in California, then the high-tech people there select candidates from popular requests, or if there’s existing gaps in the emoji. For example, Unicode 7.0 had a tiger, but not a lion. Interesting!

After all that, it’s up to companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft to integrate the new emojis into their systems! Yikes, sounds intense!

But it’s well worth it, because in May last year, the emoji was named as the world’s fastest growing language.

We sure love our emojis. *insert emoji here*

All the new emojis you need in your life

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