Written by Melanie Burton, April 26, 2016

Brad and Tallena‘s relationship was hanging by a thread when they decided to go on reality TV show Seven Year Switch.

But now, it’s reported that they’ve married in a secret wedding following their appearance on the experimental series.

A guest at the ceremony held in Queensland last weekend tells Woman’s Day that the couple were grinning ear to ear, as they were surrounded by 70 family and friends.

“The past few months have made Brad and Tallena stronger than ever, and you could tell they genuinely in love,” they said.

“Even their celebrant mentioned the couple had been through many challenges in reference to the TV show, but had come out of the experiment with more love for each other than ever before.”

Brad and Tallena met on Tinder in 2014, got engaged 12 months later, and were meant to get married in February, but postponed it because of a lack of funds.

They went on the show because of their constant fighting – mainly about the wedding – ironically. Brad was refusing to spend more than $1000 on a ceremony, despite purchasing himself a television worth $3000 – AND, he used to take Tallena’s engagement ring off of her whenever they would fight! WTF?!


Just last month, Tallena hinted that she and Brad were still together after the show, by publishing his name with love heart emojis in her bio on Instagram, as well as an emoji of a couple holding hands.


Let’s hope it’s happily ever!

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