Written by Melanie Burton, April 1, 2016

Uh-oh! Contestants on The Bachelor are contracted to keep tight-lipped about what happens on the show until after the grand finale has aired, but one contestant – who we’ve chosen not to name – has already spilled the beans, after she was booted from the show mid-filming.

After having just left the show, the rogue lady was speaking to Kyle and Jackie O’s reporter JC, suggesting that Richie has been getting it on with a number of the female contestants on the show.

With a few champagnes under her belt, JC asked her if Richie’s  “carpet matched the curtains” – meaning “is he really blonde or is he ginger haired downstairs?”. Her slurred response was, “Look I can probably tell you that it is a yes – and it’s probably a yes from a few accords.”

Sam Frost reacted to these allegations while live on air on Rove & Sam this morning.

She says, “There’s this contestant… She’s basically saying that Richie’s been intimate with multiple girls, and you know she was asked if the carpet matches the drapes if you know what I’m saying, and she’s like “well I know a few of the ladies will  be able to tell you.”‘

“Let me guarantee, you do not have an opportunity to be able to do anything like that. If someone was going to have sex on the show, it would be me. And –  I would push it, I used to push the boundaries so hard – but they are so strict, there is no way it would ever possibly happen.”

“As soon as you finish a date with someone or you finish a scene with someone, you are dragged away, you’re not allowed to spend time with them.”

Hmmm, interesting! It would be good to know what’s going on behind those Bachie doors!

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