Written by Melanie Burton, July 4, 2016

EEEK! Someone has put a stash of 90’s video tapes of Paris Hilton up for sale on eBay at a starting bid of $US 50,000, and they could unveil some pretty juicy details!

Yep, eBay seller nimers67 is offering 215 mini DV tapes and 15 audio cassettes which they claim were a stash from Paris Hilton’s home, and were found at a Hollywood storage unit auction!


But the plot thickens, as the filmmaker Holly Wiersma who owns the material, says the footage was from a documentary she was making of the 90’s club scene in LA, but was never completed.

According to Radar Online, Holly claims that the tapes weren’t in storage, but were in fact stolen from her home!


One of the stills that the seller claims is from the videos

In the description on eBay, the seller writes: “There are 215 mini DV tape and 15 audio cassette tapes. They appear to be shot in the 1990’s. These were purchased in an auctioned storage unit in Hollywood, California. No physical damage.

“These photos are actual stills. I tested 50 tapes and they all worked. Very candid and personal moments of her in her home and partying with friends, some of which are celebrities. Spotted Justin Timberlake, Lance Bas, Scott Wolf, Fergie. Email me for a test sample, REAL BUYERS ONLY.”


Another one of the stills that the seller claims is from the videos

Any takers?!

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