Written by Melanie Burton, September 6, 2016

Single mum Snezana Markoski won Sam Wood’s heart on last season of The Bachelor, so you’d think she’d be backing fellow mum Alex Nation on this year’s show, right?

Well she was initially, but now she’s thinking otherwise…

“I did like Alex but I’m thinking she’s a bit too full on,” she told InStyle Australia during a recent Facebook Live chat.

So who’s she tipping to take it out instead? Nikki and Olena!

“They’re confident in themselves,” she explained.


Snez was backing Alex, but now she’s tipping Nikki or Olena to win!

“They like him and they’re showing quite a bit of the girls but not too much, they’re focusing on Alex and the way she…,” Snezana said, suggesting the way they’re editing the show means Alex probs doesn’t win.

Of course, Snez’s love story is the stuff of fairytales! She recently moved to Melbourne with daughter Eve to live with Sam after he proposed in December, and we’ve been waiting for the wedding announcement ever since.

But we might be waiting a while, because Sam was asked how the wedding plans were coming along in a Facebook Live chat with Yahoo! Be last week, and he admitted that they kinda weren’t.

“They’re not, if I’m being honest. It was kind of put on the back burner till the girls moved to Melbourne and settled in,” Sam said.

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Who do you guys think will win Bachie this year?

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