Written by Melanie Burton, July 7, 2016

Jennifer Aniston stepped out in New York last week sporting a significantly fuller chest, sparking rumours that she’s had a sneaky boob job!

Yep, in comparison to this photo of her at the Zoolander 2 premiere in February, Jen’s twins look to have grown in size!


[LEFT] Back in February, vs now [RIGHT]

“Jennifer has already made it on talent, so why not go for bigger boobs?” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Susan Evans says.

“Ms. Aniston looks to have gotten her breasts augmented with a conservative B cup size implant and natural contouring, as opposed to unnatural implant rising up to her neck. In this photo, her breasts look much fuller than they used to,” Dr. Evans says – although she hasn’t treated Jen.

Then there’s Dr. Michael Salzhauer aka “Dr. Miami” who hasn’t treated Jen either, but tells Radar Online, “Jennifer is definitely looking bigger on top.”

“It could be weight gain,” he admitted, but said, “It’s a breast augmentation until proven otherwise!”

Dr. Zara Harutyunyan  says, “It looks like Jennifer Aniston has undergone a vampire breast lift, using her own growth factors to increase the shape and look of her cleavage. She could have also gotten a breast lift also knows as a Mastopexy surgery, which would help raise and firm her breasts.”

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