Written by Melanie Burton, October 6, 2016
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Seven Year Switch’s Ryan and Cassie may have had a troubled relationship when they appeared on the controversial reality show, but they came out the other side stronger than ever, and shortly after – with another baby in tow!

Cassie gave birth to her fourth child Mena in June, and she always shares posts on Insta about the ups and downs of mum life, and how women shouldn’t put so much pressure on themselves to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies straight after giving birth.

Just weeks ago, Cass shared a side by side comparison photo of herself 12 weeks pregnant v 12 weeks postpartum, where she talked about being realistic about her body, and admitted that after having her fourth child she might not look the same as she did after her third pregnancy – and that’s okay!

“I am not putting any crazy expectations on myself, heck I have I have enough stress already!”

12 Weeks Pregnant v 12 Weeks Postpartum Excuse the pics, don’t stress it’s only skin and we all have it! Whilst I was 12 weeks pregnant in the first photo it’s important to remember I was also only 12 months postpartum from my 3rd pregnancy at this time also! I had only started training at 5 months postpartum so super impressed with how well I had done! I would absolutely love to have my 12 week pregnancy body back in another 9 months time. But given this is now my 4th child I am being realistic when I say that I will probably never ever look like that again! I am currently training 3 days a week so not over doing it and because Mena is still feeding on demand and every 2-3 hours I am literally running straight there and back again in between feeds! My 1.5hrs out of the house is doing wonders for my sanity as well. Comparing pics side by side keeps me honest and has me returning to the gym! I know as women even though we absolutely love our Mummy roles, we sacrifice so much for these little monkeys and our bodies are the first to go! I’m taking my training one day at a time. I am not putting any crazy expectations on myself, heck I have I have enough stress already! Supporting all you Mumma’s out there on your own journey getting back to some resemblance of your old self! Don’t ever feel selfish for taking a little time for you… YOU are the captain of your ship.. If you go down your teeny tiny crew and ship will sink too! #postpartum #12weekspostpartum #mumbod #pregnancy #postpartumfitness #mumof4 #transformationtuesday #keepgoing #hardwork #motivation #youcandoit #startnow #keepitreal #nofilter #myshell #ryanandcass

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Here’s some of the many #inspirational posts Cass has shared on her Insta!

That awkward marshmellow pudgey tummy ‘phase’ ☺️ Three and a half months postpartum from pregnancy number 4 and this is the current state of my stomach! Believe me when I say I know how disheartened you can feel as you are going through the throws of post pregnancy body changes, but you must remember the important word in this post is PHASE! Mumma’s just know that after you have birthed your baby your body goes through another enormous change to get back to its pre-pregnancy condition. Of course we need to help it along with exercise and a healthy diet, but I promise with persistence you WILL get there! The skin on my stomach is still very loose, I had considerable stomach separation which is still approximately at 3cm. I am still training 3 days a week and my diet is well I don’t have one… just everything in moderation. The worst thing I find is when you look in the mirror one day and can see progress, then a couple of days later your hips decide to come in a bit further then you end up with more muffin top again! Argghhh So frustrating lol!! My point is it takes time. Be patient and consistent and you will get there. P.s this is as much of a pep talk for me as it is for you! BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES MUMMA’S your bodies are amazing at every single ‘phase’ of this baby making journey XOXO #postpartum #peptalk #pregnancy #number4 #exercise #postpartumexercise #persistence #babybump #abdominalseperation #keepgoing #beproud

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