Written by Melanie Burton, May 31, 2016

Brad and Tallena were one of the most fragile couples on the controversial TV show Seven Year Switch, and it looked like a fairytale ending when the couple finally married after filming of the show ended. But now, they’ve revealed that they’re going to couples therapy!!! WHAAT?!

The pair were supposed to get married back in February,  but they postponed the wedding because of money problems – mainly because Brad was refusing to spend more than $1000 on the couple’s wedding ceremony, despite purchasing himself a $3000 TV, and owning a luxury car and jet ski!!!

On the show, the couple admitted they hadn’t been intimate for 11 months, and Brad’s controlling tendencies were aired when it was revealed that he used to take Tallena’s engagement ring off of her every time they fought. Um, WTF?!

After the emotional reunion where Brad gave Tallena a $10,000 cheque written out in full to pay for their ceremony (after ripping up another copy in the previous episode), Brad re-proposed to Tallena and everything was looking up for the young couple – revealing that they got married in Queensland after filming stopped.

But, things may not be as peachy as they seem, after Tallena took to the couple’s joint Insta account yesterday to reveal that the couple are seeking professional help, writing: “After the show Brad and I started seeing a therapist and it’s honestly the best thing we have ever done!”

“I am not embarrassed or ashamed that we go to therapy even when society makes you feel that it should be something you should hide,” she wrote.

“Brad and I are so different in so many ways which is always going to challenge our relationship, by having someone there to help ‘translate’ helps us understand each other more and more everyday.”

Wasn’t the “switch therapy” they experienced for weeks on the show enough?

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