Written by Melanie Burton, May 24, 2016
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Well last night’s Seven Year Switch reunion episode definitely brought the goods. There was a breakup, two pregnancies, and a couple who got hitched after filming!

Yep, the episode was filled with reveals, and every couple had something to share!

And guess what? Apparently season two of the show has already received double the amount of applications than the first! Uh-huh, over 1000 Aussie couples have put their hands up to appear on the controversial show – so it must have done something right?

So anyway, back to the show.


Ryan and Cassie signed up to the show after Cassie was sick of living with a man-child! Ryan was set on winning the lotto, rode a skateboard, and had purchased a business in the hope that it would one day flourish.


When they walked on to stage in last night’s episode, our speculation that Cassie was pregnant the whole time was true! Cassie looked like she was about to pop… The couple confirmed that they’re expecting another bub, a girl – and that they found out about the pregnancy only days before filming on the show started! We knew it!

“We found out a couple of days before we started filming, we wanted to keep it quiet for the time being because we’ve been through such hardships with our pregnancies.”

The couple had previously lost their unborn son at 37 weeks, but also have a nine-year-old daughter from Cassie’s previous relationship, and one-year-old Emmerson together.

“We’re just happy now,” Cassie says. “Ryan has let go of the business. We have lifestyle, we have balance. I know when Ryan’s going to work and when Ryan’s coming home.”

Cassie and Ryan announce they are expecting a baby

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