Written by Melanie Burton, October 2, 2016

He’s already sent sparks flying on The Bachelorette, but it’s not leading lady Georgia Love that Sam Johnston’s creating electricity with, it’s his Bach housemate Rhys Chilton.

Opinionated Sydney boy Sam, who’s also a globetrotting model, had a few wisecracks about his “attention-seeking” pal after the spotlight shifted off him and onto Rhys.

“I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing,” giggling Sam, 27, says of Rhys busting out the yoga poses on the first night. “He definitely had an interesting approach to getting attention.”

Sounds like theatrical types don’t impress Sam, so we sat him down to find out what his type is – and it’s definitely not 28-year-old Georgia!

Sam, you’re a good-looking bloke. Why are you on The Bachelorette?

This opportunity just came to me and I thought, “Why not?” I thought, worst-case scenario, I’d make some good mates and an awesome chick mate. Best-case, I’d make some good mates and find someone who I’d really want to spend some time with. There were no negatives.

Why can’t you meet someone you want to spend time with in real life?

Well, because I travel a lot, I see my relationships as quite temporary, so I don’t get too involved. That’s why my relationships never last – I end up leaving.

So when was the last heartbreak then?

My last relationship was a couple of months ago. I saw it as quite a temporary thing, though. I thought it would end sooner rather than later, so I probably let a few things slide. I wasn’t too worried because I thought it was going to come to an end, so starting fights and working things out just seemed like too much work.


You don’t sound like you’re great at relationships!

I don’t think I’ve done anything bad! The worst thing I do to a girl is not listen enough. I get quite distracted… I guess I haven’t always given 110 per cent.

Are you going to give 110 per cent to Georgia?

I really, really liked what I saw. She’s absolutely stunning, she’s polite, educated, well-spoken, has a great career. She really is the whole package.

Sounds like your type of girl!

Maybe not. She’s very intimidating. She’s probably the type of girl I’d go for if I was looking for a serious relationship.


One person you really haven’t hit it off with is Rhys!

I don’t dislike him, I just think he does a couple of funny and weird things that I needed to express my opinions on.

Like the photo shoot – you’re a profesh model, but you had to take a back seat…

Rhys took it upon himself to volunteer for the role of the shirtless character in the photo. It was a bit weird because I thought they were going to choose someone to play that role, but of course no-one even had the option. He loved the attention.

So do you think he outperformed you in the shoot?

He has a bit of modelling experience, supposedly… [Laughs]

Sounds like you have some competition on your hands!

I’m not jealous… I’m a more laid-back and cruisy guy.

I definitely wouldn’t have used his approach to try and stand out, but I guess that’s his personality – and I definitely wouldn’t do yoga! I don’t even know what that was.


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