Written by Melanie Burton, July 20, 2016

Sam Frost is in a long distance relationship with boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek -but if it’s affecting her, she’s sure not showing it!

Speaking with her 2DayFm co-host Rove McManus on Wednesday morning, Sam declared: “long distance is the best!”

Sam lives in Sydney while Sasha is on the New South Wales south coast.

Speaking to the Daily Mail in April, Sam opened up about how she and Sash make their long distance relationship work.

“We miss each other a lot but the best thing is we just make it work,” she said.

She even admitted that she doesn’t mind spending time apart with her man, because it keeps the spark alive!

“I don’t actually mind missing him, I think it is the nice part of the relationship because then the time we do spend together, we appreciate it and love every single second we spend together,” she said.


Sam Frost says she loves her LDR with Sash

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