Written by Melanie Burton, June 20, 2016

Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek are taking their relationship to the next level after buying a plot of land for approximately $810,000 in the Southern Highlands, where they plan to build their dream home.

Building manager Sasha decided to buy the land near his home in Bowral, New South Wales.

“Having grown up in the Southern Highlands, and even going to high school there, I’m pretty attached to the area,” Sasha tells The Daily Telegraph.

Sam and Sash shared their exciting news on Sasha’s Insta account.

Their plot of land is in the historic Retford Park Estate, which has recently been divided into building blocks varying from 1000sq m to 4.8hectares, and priced between $365,000 and $810,000.

Sasha is keen to start the building project after completing his Canberra home back in 2013, and also his mum’s home renovation. He admits: “I love building and all things construction.”

With Sash’s expertise, the house should be done in no time!

Sam and Sasha are #couplegoals, after Sash surprised his gf back in April by covering her in balloons for her birthday!