Written by Melanie Burton, September 15, 2016

It’s top three! Richie hops on an Air Asia flight to Indonesia, his favourite place ever – apparently.

We don’t see the girls get on a plane, but we assume they did, because they all ended up in Bali.

Richie takes Alex on the first date, and they drive around Bali before arriving in Ubud, and going on a bike ride through the rice paddies. So cliche.

If Alex called Richie ‘Rich’ one more time we probably would have thrown something at the screen. She also reminds us that she has a son and that’s A LOT to consider, in case we’d forgotten.

They go back to a villa overlooking some sort of forest, and Richie tells her he’s still not sure about the responsibility of looking after a kid.


Oh a kiss in the rice paddies…

Next, Richie takes Nikki fly-fishing and it looks SO FUN! We felt sorry for the poor guy that was third-wheeling though…

The ‘couch’ part of their date involves holding hands, drinking, and a Balinese guy called Bruno giving them a blessing. NAWW!

Richie tells her how he thinks he could easily slot in to her family at Christmas time, but Nikki kinda shuts him down by telling him not to choose an “easy path” but to actually pick the woman he WANTS to be with. Duh.


Meanwhile Nikki and Richie are up in the air…

It’s Olena’s turn, and she pretty much does everything she can to turn Richie off!

He takes her surfing – which she doesn’t like – and she tells him her parents didn’t really like the idea of them being together.

She then refers to their situation as “a huge mess” and says she’s “trying to figure out if I’m going to be happy at the end of the day.”

Yep, Olena pretty much dumped Richie.


Olena looks so bored…

So it wasn’t really a surprise that at the rose ceremony, Olena was the last one left standing – without a rose.


Are you #TeamNikki or #TeamAlex?!

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