Written by Melanie Burton, September 16, 2016

Richie’s decision to pick Alex as his leading lady over Nikki on last night’s The Bachelor finale outraged fans! But, the loved-up couple aren’t letting it get to them, because they’ve opened up about their first night together – and it’s just TMI!

Yep, Richie revealed that after months of sexual tension, he and Alex wasted no time getting intimate after he picked her as the one.

“There was so much built up tension, it was three months of having the biggest blue balls in Australia. To get to the finale was great!” Richie revealed to Kyle & Jackie O this morning, alongside Alex.

“There was a funny story. After the finale we got dropped back to villa and the moment we got back [to our room] we just looked at each other … the camera crew were trying to leave,” Richie said.

Richie reveals he “had the biggest blue balls in Australia”

If that wasn’t awkward enough, he also revealed that a passionate kiss from Alex “sealed the deal” in his decision making process, but ensured everyone that their relationship is more than just physical. Yeah, yeah.

“There was this moment [we shared], it was just unreal. We were in a private spot and we shared our second kiss,” he said.

“After she kissed me, I just looked away at the cameraman and said ‘holy shit!’ 15 out of 10. I just thought ‘she’s got me here.’ Obviously there’s more to it but [the kiss] was definitely a beautiful moment.”

And just to top it off, when asked by Kyle whether he was “visibly excited” during their moment of passion, Rich replied: “I’m hard as steel, so yeah, of course.” EWW!!!

We can’t even deal…

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