Written by Melanie Burton, September 8, 2016

Bye bye single dates, and hello group camping date. Yep, camping.

All the girls seemed pretty excited about the prospect of being stuck in the bush together for two days – except Olena. The Ukrainian city princess hates dirt, the outdoors and any sort of flying insect.

But they have to suck it up, because they know this is their last chance to impress Richie, and to secure their spot in hometowns.

The six of them arrive in a totally secluded area of shrub, with Olena already complaining: “This is horrible. We’re stuck in the freakin’ bush.”


After setting up their tents, Richie pulls Rachael away for a chat, and they hunt for wood for the fire.

Rach and Richie have heaps in common, and she actually enjoys camping. Which is a plus, because Richie has already made it clear that he wants to go camping regularly with his future partner.

Richie’s second pull-em aside chat is with Alex, and he excites her by saying he’s taking her to a “special spot” – aka against a truck.

During a game of Never Have I Ever, Nikki cuts the game short and takes Richie away for a chat. As usual, their convo is super cute and we can literally envision what their babies will look like.

In the morning, all the girls help out making damper, bacon, beans, and cereal for breakfast. Except Olena. She just sits there, so Richie finds that a perfect opportunity to take her away for a chat.

Olena proceeds to tell Richie how she’s “not used to camping,” how she’s struggling to show emotion, and that her family probs won’t like him. Um, okay then.


Richie says he’s feeling really overwhelmed with the prospect of choosing girls for hometowns, so he’s planned some activities to take his mind off it.

He splits the teams into Nikki and himself against Rachael and Faith for a super-competitive game of kayak polo. Obvs Rachael and Faith win because they’re as competitive as it gets!

Rich whisks Faith off to have her chat, because he wants to know if there’s more to her than just giggles. But apparently not. When he starts asking her serious questions, of course she just laughs her way through…

There’s no cocktail party, so we went straight into the nerve-wracking rose ceremony, and it comes down to Rachael and Faith.

Now we don’t know about you guys, but we kind of think Richie made the wrong decision this time around.

He gives Olena a rose – the girl who doesn’t open up and hates things that he loves, as opposed to Faith, who shows him how she feels, and gives her 100% in every challenge they were in.


Don’t worry Faith – we still love you!

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