Written by Melanie Burton, May 9, 2016

We can’t believe it’s been five years since Geordie Shore hit our screens, and we were blessed with Gary’s parsnip, Holy’s Double-Fs and Charlotte’s weak bladder!

So we can’t imagine what kind of disgustingness is in store for us as the ULTIMATE Geordie party is about to begin!

Yep, some of the most crazy, foul-mouthed cast members are reuniting in Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, a six-part special to celebrate the five year anniversary!

And boy will this will be one hell of a party!

NW caught up with Ricci Guarnaccio, who revealed that the Geordie crew get pure radge on their birthday season special, with some seriously crazy kick-offs!

Can you believe it’s been 5 years since Geordie Shore first started?

Yeah it’s flown by. I mean I’ve left Geordie Shore for 3 years now, so going back for the 5th birthday and stuff it’s kinda weird. I mean when I went back to the house and stuff as well it was weird. There’s all these new people in the house with all the old original kind of people, so having that mixture and 16 people in the house is just mad and chaos.

You said that you couldn’t wait to return to the house because you had “unfinished business.” What did you mean by that?

What I meant was that I was in a relationship the whole time with Vicky so going back this time I didn’t have that weight on my shoulders, and I went back and enjoyed it.

It was good to catch up with everyone, because I mean everyone saw what me and her were like on Ex On the Beach as well, and she made it hell for me the whole time I was there.

So to go back and not have that weight and enjoy it which I did this time, it was fun.

What were you most looking forward to in reuniting with everyone from Geordie Shore?

Just catching up with Jay, Char, Gaz and that, I mean I’ve always said I wouldn’t go back to Geordie Shore, and purely because I’m doing things over here now.

I’m doing my own TV show with MTV and stuff, but birthday specials and stuff like that, I mean, Geordie Shore’s what started my career off, doing reality TV and stuff like that, and it’s got a lot of, I wouldn’t say good memories, but a lot of unfinished business going back and enjoying the whole experience.

To go back and see people after all these shows and being through arguments and drama and stuff like that, and people that I’ve been through a lot with, it was kind of good.

What can we expect from the reunion? Are there any crazy fights?

Yeah, Marty and Dan go at it, like a lot. But you can imagine 16 people in the house, it was chaos, twice as much drama, twice as much fun, twice as many arguments, that kind of stuff, so yeah its definitely the biggest series 100%!

Like, when i got back there I was like wow it’s mad seeing that many people in one house together, because normally there’s only about 9 of us, so to be honest I don’t understand how it’s going to revert back to being that many people in the house really.

I think it will be a bit weird for them, but, it was mad – a good experience though.

So you’ve recently moved Down Under. How are you liking living in Australia?

Loving it. It’s perfect. What’s not to love?  When I went back to film Geordie Shore, when I stepped off the plan at Manchester, it was freezing, and I was like I can’t wait to get back out!

It’s like home now, we’ll be filming in June with MTV,  I’m doing Kyle and Jackie O every week with them, so I mean life is good over here, really good. And then Geordie Shore’s coming on like this week, so, yeah man unbelievable. Yeah I’m absolutely lovin’ it.

Your new TV show, looking for Aussie’s ultimate worldie. What are  you looking for?

I’m taking Melody from the Pussycat Dolls on tour with me, so we’re looking for males and females, someone who is worthy is someone out of this world!

They’ve got the looks, got the charm, got the banter, everything – they’ve got to have the full package. Someone who’s like an epic human being. So we’re touring around 20 different cities, looking for that epic worldie.

Well, we can’t wait to see all the cast back together for one last time, to tash on and get mortal!!! It’ll be proper mint!

Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle starts Tuesday, 10th May at 10pm – only on MTV!



Ricci and Vicky had a turbulent relationship in the house

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