Written by Melanie Burton, May 2, 2016

As expected, The Real Housewives of Melbourne finale on Sunday night revealed some SHOCKING revelations – mainly about Lydia Schiavello‘s personal life!

As the cast reunited for a last dinner at the Waterfront restaurant, Jackie Gillies confronted Lydia about her spreading gossip – and then blatantly accused her of cheating on her husband Andrew Norbury at the Logies. Yikes!!!

“I left you at the Logies,’ Jackie yelled at Lydia, while the other women stared in horror. “I walked out his room and I left you there (with him).” Him?!

“Everybody knows it,” Jackie continued, before sipping her wine.

Lydia responded: “That’s crap. That’s crap,”, before asking Jackie: “And what where you doing there?” Hmm, good point!

“She’s (Jackie) making up s*** and she’s trying to destroy my family. What a pig. What a pig she is,” Lydia growled.

Other cast members Chyka Keebaugh and Gina Liano commented on the shocking accusations.

“I was pretty shocked when Jackie started making these accusations towards Lydia about her having an affair. Jacks, you’re crossing the line,” said Chyka.

“I’m a little surprised with Jackie,” said Gina Liano. “She’s accusing Lydia of destroying marriages and families… well, Jackie, you’re doing the same thing to Lydia!”

Eeek – sounds intense!!!

RHOM’s dramatic finale

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