Written by Melanie Burton, May 2, 2016

The RHOM star spills on what it really takes to be Gina!

Whether she’s on set filming The Real Housewives Of Melbourne or walking through airport security, you’ll never catch Gina Liano in anything less than a pair of blinging stilettos, a big blow-dry and full make-up. In fact, when we ask her what she wears around the house, Gina says she can’t even comprehend lounging in a pair of trackie dacks!

“I don’t own a tracksuit, I always wear dresses. The only time I don’t is when I’m getting my hair and make-up done – then I’ll either wear a Camilla kaftan or a dressing gown,” she reveals.

So with the glamour stakes so high, does anyone ever see her without any slap on?

“Yes, my children [Christos, 25 and Myles, 19], my partner Dean [Giannarelli] and my make-up artist!” laughs the 49-year-old.

Her makeup routine also sounds pretty intense…

“I wear my makeup the same every day. I put four different MAC lipsticks on and a lip pencil, then i put a L’Oreal gloss over that. If i’m wearing gold, it will be a gold-based gloss and if i’m wearing pink it will be hot pink.”

Now, with her new fragrance Gina by Gina Liano hitting the shelves, NW caught up with RHOM’s most iconic Housewife for a revealing chat about her beauty routine, plastic surgery and that insanely sparkly wardrobe of hers…

You’re looking great. Have you dabbled much in plastic surgery?

I get a bit of Botox and fillers, and a bit on my lips, but not very much because I don’t want to look sci-fi. Janet [Roach] had a facelift when she was my age – maybe I’d have some surgery when I’m older.

Are your boobs real?

Yes! But I’ve often said I might get them done to give them a bit of a lift, so I don’t have to wear a bra all the time. Dean always says, “Don’t touch them!” I want to get something done to my stomach, because I’ve got scarring from a bowel resection.

You’re so glam. Why did you choose to become a barrister?

It was part of my rebellion. I knew to be successful in life and not be vulnerable that I needed to achieve something
like going into medicine or law. A lot of women in law say it’s fantastic to see a woman in the courtroom who’s glamorous.

Do you have to tone down the make-up in court?

No, I wear the same make-up every day! I always put on my make-up like I’m on camera. I’ve had a smoky eye and worn green eyeliner since school. But sometimes I might put on
blue if I’m wearing blue.

Does spending a day in court mean you don’t have to worry about your hair since you’re wearing a wig?

No! I still have to do my hair when I’m working and wearing a wig, because if I don’t it’s a disaster when I take it off. So I do my hair and pop the wig on top – a bit of a tease comb and a lift and you’re done.

How long do you take to get ready in the morning?

Quite often I’m up at 4am. I used to wash and blow-wave my hair every day, but it was getting stringy, so I have to do
it every other day now. It takes me two hours to do my hair and make-up, in between putting the washing on and having a coffee, before I’m out the door.

What else goes into your beauty routine?

I get my nails done every two to three weeks. I’m naturally tanned, but I do a spray tan once a week, twice if I’ve got publicity. Wardrobe is a big preoccupation for me.

You must have an enormous closet!

I don’t really wear anything twice – it’s rare if I do. I’m constantly replenishing my wardrobe. Sometimes I need to change two to three times a day.

How many dresses would you buy in one shopping trip?

As many as I can get my hands on! Sometimes I’ll alter a dress to look different so I can wear it again. Evening dresses can cost anything from $700 to $2500.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Around 300. I still wear heels or glitzy flats if I’m working from home.
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