Written by NW Staff, August 6, 2016
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Someone pass us a drink because the Real Housewives of Sydney have been unveiled and we cannot keep up with the drama! Filming hasn’t even started and already it’s turned into a total bitchfest, with shots being fired between the seven powerhouses.

So who are the women forging cracks in the Opera House with their earth-shattering quips?

Artist and jewellery designer Athena X Levendi, model/real-estate agent Krissy Marsh, media commentator and entrepreneur Lisa Oldfield, beauty expert Matty Samaei, actress, model and singer Melissa Tkautz, former Miss Australia and event business owner Nicole O’Neil and beauty product owner Victoria Rees.

But the women aren’t taking aim at just each other, Lisa’s already taken aim at the Real Housewives of Melbourne cast, saying she wouldn’t compare herself to any of the women down south. “The benchmark is so low. The best thing about Melbourne is their upside-down river, which is heavily polluted.” Ouch!

But the Melbourne babes are no shrinking violets, with Gamble Breaux hitting back. “Blood-sucking ticks like you wouldn’t survive in Melbourne,” she blasted. “I have a better looking mop at home that I clean my floors with!”

And that is just the beginning! Meet Sydney’s sassiest homemakers…

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