Written by Melanie Burton, September 8, 2016

Rachael Gouvignon was dumped tonight in a move that pretty much everyone kind of saw coming – the girl isn’t blonde, duh!

But despite her unwavering chemistry with Richie, she tells NW the ending was bittersweet as the thought of introducing Richie to her folks was overwhelming.

“After our second single date, [I thought] ‘Crap – he’s going to meet my family!” she tells NW.

“I wasn’t too concerned about meeting his family. It was more about how my family would react because I haven’t had a guy meet my family in a very long time – it was a very big deal!”

It turned out to be a big deal for Richie, too, who sent her packing after hometown visits.


That plan of action didn’t work out too well for Rach…

Though she was devastated to be sent home, Rach is also relieved to no longer be competing against frontrunner Nikki Gogan.

“I definitely had to protect myself a lot because Nikki didn’t even have to tell me how she felt. I can read that girl like a book and I was very guarded in that way because I didn’t want to get hurt and I didn’t want her to see how much I was falling for him,” she says.

“I was falling for him as much as she was, but I really held that back to protect myself and to protect her as well.

“You’re friends but you’re trying to end up with Richie as well. It’s really really hard to do especially when you’re sharing a room with a girl who likes the guy as much as you do!”

Well, Nikki won this round…

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