Written by Melanie Burton, July 7, 2016
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Are you a mega-fan or an also-ran?

Film Title: Spiceworld.

1. To celebrate signing with Virgin Records in 1995, what did Posh do to mark the occasion?

A) She took her undies off and threw them out the window of her taxi
B) She bought a little black Gucci dress, natch!
C) She pashed a stranger on the street
D) She flashed her bum to a bus full of high school kids

2. How did the girls get their nicknames Posh, Baby, Sporty, Ginger and Scary?
A) They drew inspo from a collection of Barbie dolls
B) From a UK journalist who couldn’t be bothered remembering their names
C) From their manager Simon Fuller, who wanted to, er, spice things up
D) During a late-night recording session that involved a lot of vino

3. As a true fan, you know that their first single Wannabe was written in…
A) Two hours
B) 20 minutes
C) Two weeks
D) 20 days

4. “The race is on to get out of the bottom/The top is high so your roots are forgotten” are lyrics from… which Spice girl song:
A) Say You’ll Be There
B) Wannabe
C) Who Do You Think You Are
D) Mama

5. What did Posh recently reveal about her performances?
A) She couldn’t dance in anything but six-inch heels
B) She would only ever perform in designer clothes
C) Producers would switch off her mic while she was on stage
D) She would get severe panic attacks backstage

6. Who rejected the Spice Girls?
A) Kate Moss – she wouldn’t join the girls on stage at their Istanbul concert in 1997
B) UK Prime Minister David Cameron – he tried to ban them from performing at the London Olympics in 2012
C) Simon Cowell – it was a no for him when the girls ambushed him for an audition in a UK car park
D) The Queen – she refused to invite the group to any royal engagements

7. So much for friendship never ends! Five became four when Geri left the group in 1998 because…
A) She felt they no longer needed her
B) She was done with singing and wanted to be a big Hollywood movie star
C) Her lover didn’t get with her friends, so she ditched them
D) She was over the ginger hair, but the girls told her she had to keep it because of her stage name

8. Their music video for 1998 single Viva Forever was turned into an animation because…
A) Their diva demands became too much so the hair and make-up crew quit and filming was cancelled
B) Geri had just left the group so they were too sad to film
C) They wanted it to appeal to children
D) The girls were so busy they didn’t have time to film a music video

9. Which of the following was a tag line for their movie Spice World?

A) “Strength, courage and a Wonderbra”
B) “Hang onto your knickers, pump up your platforms and fasten your seat belts”
C) “No more Ms Nice Spice”
D) “Not your average chick flick”

10. Which famous designer created the girls’ outfits for their 2008 reunion tour?
A) Roberto Cavalli
B) Karl Lagerfeld
C) Stella McCartney
D) Victoria Beckham


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