Written by Melanie Burton, April 7, 2016

VB’s quaking in her Manolos as Scary gears up to air plenty of dirty laundry!

Friendship never ends, according to the Spice Girls, – but we’re calling bull on that amid reports Mel. B is planning to dish the dirt on her frenemy Victoria Beckham!

Yep, just days after labelling Victoria a “bitch” in yet another attack, Scary Spice has revealed she’s got a stack of explosive diaries spanning her entire friendship with the girls – including entries written by and about Victoria – which she reckons are “worth millions”.

“I always used to carry a diary and I used to have the girls write notes in it,” says Mel. “I could go, ‘Write down your feelings and thoughts, quick!’”

Now, given their volatile history, Vic is terrified Mel will single her out and spill all about her husband David’s alleged infidelity, as well as Posh’s plastic surgery and rumoured
eating disorders.

“She has the most to lose,” a concerned pal tells NW exclusively.“Vic’s worked so hard to establish herself in the fashion world – it’s taken her years. This will undo all that hard work.”

Facing the truth

First up, we hear Vic’s worried sick about Mel lifting the lid on the work she’s had done. As her version goes, she’s now all natural, “except for my fingernails”, admitting only to a boob job back in her Spice Girls days – a procedure she’s since had reversed.

But the pal tells NW that Mel’s diary has details on Vic’s other alleged procedures – most notably a nose job – and the scoop on the other girls’ surgery, including a post-baby tummy tuck for Geri Halliwell!


Victoria’s face – before and now

David’s dalliances

The surgery stuff is small fry compared to Posh’s biggest fear – that Mel’s going to blab about David’s alleged wandering eye and that rumoured 2004 affair with his former PA Rebecca Loos.

While VB has always maintained a dignified silence, insisting, “I have never listened to, or commented on, the rumours,” the diaries are said to contain every last detail of David’s betrayal, as told to Mel by a heartbroken Posh.


Newspapers with the claims of David’s cheating

For even more deets on Mel’s tell-all, check out this week’s issue of NW, on shelves now.

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